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We customize your program to cover topics we need addressed at our school. Bullying, Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, Academic excellence, Health and Nutrition, Testing Efforts, Learning Disabilities, Cheating, Respect, Violence, School shootings, Anger, 
Depression, Gangs, Self Worth, Self Respect, Abuse, Peer Pressure, STD's, Pregnancy, Dating, Relationships, the Power of Words, and making Good Choices. 

            - Our programs usually run 40-50 minutes.  
            - Over 10,000 school assemblies performed!
            - Educational, inspirational, motivational
            - Character Building program for students
            - Students say our assembly had a "life long impact"
            - Helps prepare and motivate students for state testing
            - Relevant age appropriate topics and material for all age levels

All we need from you is a large room, students, a mic and sound system for 2 team members.  We also have a follow-up APP and we pass out reminder coins for students.  Cost is $500 per assembly however we have scholarships available upon request. (Click